I Just Wont Play By The Book Chapter 327

Chapter 299: Suddenly

"I will use the compass to move forward four squares."

As the phantom of a pocket watch appeared, Lin Yuyan picked up her little dragon girl and moved forward four squares, and collided with Lin Shiyun's Ruthless Emperor.

"Are you here to die? Then I'm not welcome."

Lin Shiyun smiled slightly and picked up her five prop cards.

"His hiss..."

With a low noise that made the hair stand upright, Lin Yuyan bit her little finger and said, "Auntie, you won't have any chance of winning."

Seeing that the war was about to start, Jiang Beiran suddenly jumped out of four options.

[Option 1: Continue to play. Completion reward: Secret Axis of Heaven (Heaven-level lower grade)]

[Option 2: Leave the formation and flee west. Completion reward: Yingjiang Qishu (prefecture-level medium grade)]

[Option 3: Dive deeper into the ground. Completion reward: Wu Nian Sword Axis (Earth-level inferior)]

[Option 4: Reinforce the defensive array. Random basic attribute point +1]

Jiang Beiran's eyes glared suddenly, turning his head to look towards the sky, and saw that a silver-white light was condensed in the hands of the Wuxiang Venerable. Although Jiang Beiran could not understand what this was, but from the mysterious surroundings Judging from the dignified expression that Sheng showed, this move should be quite powerful.

'Hey! Did you take that step back seriously! ?

Seeing a Profound Sage took a step back, sweat came out of Jiang Beiran's forehead. He watched the battle for a whole year, and had never seen these Profound Sages act so cautiously.

Without time to think about it, Jiang Beiran hurriedly ran towards the formation eye and took out all the earth-level spirit stones.

Seeing that brother is so nervous, Lin Yuyan put down his hand and got up and asked, "Brother, what's wrong?"

"Hidden to your aunt, big trouble is coming."

Hearing the three words "big trouble" in the mouth of the brother, Lin Yuyan knew that she must not be able to help, and hid in her aunt's arms obediently, but looked at the brother with worry in her eyes.

Looking at Jiang Beiran's serious expression, and then at the silver light in the hands of Venerable Wuxiang in the sky, Lin Shiyun seemed to understand what Jiang Beiran was worried about.

But she didn't know how to panic, because she knew that the man in front of her could protect her, or even if she couldn't do it this time...

Dying with him... thats also good.

Standing in the eyes of the array, Jiang Beiran took a deep breath and took out five top-notch golden talisman papers from Qiankun Ring.

The order is: [Zhenshan Fu] [Yuan Jia Fu] [Dang Jia Fu] [Fudo Ming Wang Fu] and [Variation Five Elements Fu]

The effects of the first three cards are all to enhance defense power. [Shanshan Talisman] is used to block spiritual pressure, [Yuanjia Talisman] is used to block physical attacks, and [Dunjia Talisman] is used to block mysterious attacks.

The last two are the best two defensive formations Jiang Beiran has on hand. [Fudo Mingwang Curse] can attract the power of heaven and earth to help resist attacks, and [Five Elements Talisman] can reverse the five elements and weaken various attacks. .

"go with!"

With a wave of Jiang Beiran's finger, five golden talisman papers flew to the various sections of the Tianfeng Yinyu Array.

Seeing that the silver light in the hands of the Wuxiang Venerable in the Sky's Eye Array became more prosperous, Jiang Beiran couldn't help but complain.

You guys are going up to interrupt the spellcasting yourself! Just watch him accumulate energy!

However, Jiang Beiran still did not stop. He quickly arranged thirty-six earth-level spirit stones in accordance with the Tiangang array, and took out a wishful lottery to transform five defensive artifacts into the large array. The heaven, the earth, the wind, the dragon, and the tiger.

After finishing this, Jiang Beiran suddenly felt the space vibrate violently.

Sure enough, the big guy is here.

Watching the Venerable Wuxiang in the Sky Eye array throw a silver bead condensed in his palm.

Although Jiang Beiran saw this through the "mirror", he still felt a tremor all over, and a long-lost sense of fear spontaneously arises.

Without making any more preparations, Jiang Beiran immediately pinched the two gods and recited the Tao in his mouth.

"There are four dogs in the sky to guard the four realms."

"I have four dogs to guard the four corners."

"The city is the mountain, and the earth is the river."

"The five elements must not be done, and the kings must not be hurt!"

As soon as Jiang Beiran's voice fell, the silver bead floating in the air burst open suddenly.

In the next second, there seemed to be only silver left in the world.


At the moment when the silver beads erupted, five golden talisman papers burst out of their own light at the same time, forming layer after layer of shielding. At the same time, the Tianfeng Yinyu Array was running with full force under the blessing of 36 earth-level spirit stones. The silver "rain" poured down in a flash.

Tianfeng Yinyu Array is the top defensive formation that Jiang Beiran has mastered. At the moment of impact, the formation will turn all these shocks into "Silver Rain" to disperse and absorb, and has a strong ability to relieve its strength.

But even with so many blessings, Jiang Beiran still felt that Tianfeng Yinyu Array was forced to collapse in an instant.

"What the **** is this..."

Feeling the violent turbulence in the cave space, Jiang Beiran, who had already exhausted its treasures, had no other way except to continue to guide the earth-level spirit stones to strengthen the Tianfeng Yinyu Array.


Suddenly, Jiang Beiran felt a roar in his head, while the cave was squeezing into it.


Knowing that this was a precursor to the fragmentation of the formation, Jiang Beiran took a sip of water, and at the same time the system prompted him to jump out.

[Option 1: Rely on the formation of hard resistance. Completion Reward: Secret Axis of Heaven (Heavenly Grade)]

[Option 2: Use heavenly jade slips to absorb the aftermath. Completion reward: random basic skill point +1]

Jade Jane can do that! ?

Jiang Beiran, who was given a point, immediately understood why the system had asked him to make heavenly jade slips before, but he couldn't think of jade slips with such a method of use.

Choosing two, Jiang Beiran immediately took out the heavenly jade slip from Qiankun Ring and threw it into the air.


A command was given to the heavenly jade slip, and he saw the heavenly jade slip burst out with a burst of green light.

Attracted by the green light, the silver energy outside the array was continuously sucked into the jade slip, and at the same time the pressure of the Tianfeng Yinyu array was also reduced a lot.

After the time for a cup of tea, the silver energy finally slowly faded, and at the same time the sky-level jade slip, which had been full, fell back to the ground.

[The optional task has been completed, reward: Spirit +1]

[The optional task has been completed, reward: Xuan Ke +1]

Looking at the two completion prompts that jumped out in a row, Jiang Beiran heaved a sigh of relief. Although he knew that the trust system could not be wrong, this time he had to say that he was shocked by a cold sweat.

Feeling the vibration disappear, Lin Shiyun, who hugged her niece tightly, raised her head and looked at Jiang Beiran and asked, "No...Is it all right?"

Jiang Beiran patted the dust that fell off his body just now, and smiled: "Well, it's okay for now."

"Brother~ (Master~

Hearing that nothing happened, the excited aunts and nephew rushed towards Jiang Beiran with open arms.

[Option 1: Hold one of the women alone. Completion reward: Sky Spider Odd Map (Earth-level medium grade)]

[Option 2: Hold the two girls at the same time. Completion reward: Yun Po Poison Jue (prefecture-level inferior)]

[Option 3: Avoid the second girl cleverly. Completion reward: random basic attribute point +1]

Clever but okay.

Jiang Beiran murmured and chose three. At the same time, he shook his figure and avoided the two women's pounce.

[Option task has been completed, reward: Charm +1]

Gan! Why are you handsome again? Annoying!

Seeing that the charm has been added a little bit, Jiang Beiran is really troubled.

At the same time, the two women who were out of the air looked at each other, and nothing happened together, and they each retreated.

On the other side, Jiang Beiran had already looked at the sky's eye formation again, and found that the Profound Saints in the sky were somewhat embarrassed. Some of them had their cloaks broken, and some of them had a few more wounds on their hands.

"My day...what kind of clothes are these Profound Saints wearing?

Venerable Wuxiangs move just now was obviously not directed at him. In addition, there are spiritual veins in the ground, so he must have managed to prevent the move from infiltrating the ground, but even this aftermath requires him to use it up. Means to stop it, but the Profound Saints in the sky who resisted this move were only slightly damaged in their image.

The power of Xuansheng... terrible!

Wait, they are... arguing?

Seeing a dozen Profound Saints in the Sky Eye Array surrounding the Wuxiang Venerable, their mouths kept opening and closing, obviously accusing him,

"Could it be..."

Jiang Beiran immediately had a guess, and at the same time, he picked up the Guixin Jue to absorb this spirit.

Sure enough... the wood spirit has become thinner!

He is now hiding in a deep place, and the wood spirit is constantly pouring from the cave, Jiang Beiran knows that he should not be far from the spirit vein.

And the power of the move just now is so powerful that the spirit veins themselves don't have any strong defensive power, and it is normal to be destroyed.

This prodigal old man... knowing that there are spiritual veins underneath and putting such a big AOE, he deserves to be scolded.

In the eyes of the sky, the quarrel between the Profound Saints probably lasted for a while, and then they left with Jiang Beiran's surprised eyes.

"Is it so free and easy..."

Seeing that the Profound Saints disappeared in an instant, Jiang Beiran didn't know what to say for a while.

The things that have been fighting for more than a year are so gone, these Profound Saints don't even care.

Could it be that they had other income this year?

But Jiang Beiran just guessed casually, anyway, this "big movie" finally ended, and then waited for the system to prompt him when he could leave.

"Pack up, get ready to go."

Looking away from the Tianyan Formation, Jiang Beiran began to clean up the earth-level spirit stones on the ground.

When Lin Yuyan and Lin Shiyun heard that they were about to leave, they shouted at the same time: "Huh? Are you leaving so soon?"

"Alright? Are you planning to live here for a lifetime?" Jiang Beiran asked, turning his head.

Lin Yuyan replied shyly after hearing: "That's also pretty good."

Jiang Beiran listened to her and looked at her again, then nodded and said, "That's okay. If you want to continue living, please continue living. I won't withdraw the formation."

"What about brother!?"

"Go back." Jiang Beiran replied while packing up.

Lin Yuyan, who had already guessed that the Senior Brothers would answer this, was not disappointed, and silently turned around to pack her luggage.

Seeing that Lin Yuyan had already sprayed her nose, Lin Shiyun naturally wouldn't be boring to herself, and sighed somewhat disappointed.

Putting everything in the cave into the Qiankun Ring, Jiang Beiran sighed after observing the cave.

Over the course of more than a year, he gained tremendously and at the same time witnessed the power of the Five Elements Spiritual Vessel.

I hope I will have a chance to meet again in the future.

Unfortunately, Jiang Beiran shook his head. As soon as Jiang Beiran had the idea of going out, he jumped out of three options. The meaning is also very simple. Going out is the top grade.

Shrugging, Jiang Beiran stood in front of the stove and looked at the two women and said, "What do you want to eat?"

The two women's eyes lit up and shouted at the same time.

"Pork wrapped in a pot!"

"Mapo Tofu!"

"Okay, wait." Jiang Beiran said and began to prepare cooking.

After a stick of fragrant time, a table of delicious delicacies was put on the table. Lin Yuyan and Lin Shiyun have completely different tastes. One likes sweetness and the other likes spicy. So Jiang Beiran has made two kinds of dishes. some.

As he was preparing to serve some food, he suddenly heard a voice behind him.

"Oh, it smells good, do you mind how many pairs of dishes?"

Listening to this sudden strange business, Jiang Beiran couldn't help tightening his body.

Being able to enter his formation so unconsciously, Jiang Beiran could guess who it was with his nails.

Seeing that the two women were completely stunned, Jiang Beiran tried hard to calm himself down, and turned around at the same time.

At the same time, he discovered that it was not someone else standing behind him, but the Wuxiang Venerable.

Jiang Beiran, whose breath couldn't help being disturbed, replied: "Senior is willing to appreciate the light, and juniors are naturally unable to ask for it, please sit down."

After taking a look at Jiang Beiran, Venerable Wuxiang nodded with a smile and sat down at the dining table.

Taking the jade chopsticks handed by Jiang Beiran~wuxiaworld.online~ Venerable Wuxiang picked up a piece of meat wrapped in a pot and put it in his mouth.

Um~ crispy and sweet, this dish is a bit interesting, what is it called Mingtang?

"In the case of seniors, it's called Baobaorou."

"Not bad, not bad." Venerable Wuxiang said and put another piece of boiled fish in his mouth, and said a few more compliments.

When he stretched out his chopsticks again, Venerable Wuxiang looked at the two women opposite and said, "What are you doing in a daze? Eat together."

Lin Shiyun nodded, then smiled back and said: "Yes, thank you senior."

Another piece of land Sanxian was put in his mouth, Venerable Wuxiang looked at Lin Shiyun and said, "Where did you get it?"

"Qi Guolin's family, my eldest brother is Lin Haocang."

Venerable Wuxiang smiled after hearing this and asked, "Why, do you want your elder brother to press me?"

Feeling the overwhelming spiritual pressure coming, Lin Shiyun shook her head quickly and said: "The younger generation dare not, just answer the words of the venerable honestly."

And in this old little conversation, Jiang Beiran's brain was also running fast.

This unexpected event is too sudden! A Profound Saint-level boss suddenly smashed him in the face, and there was a high probability that the person who came was bad. What's even more painful was that the system hadn't jumped out any options so far, which made him feel a little unsure.

After asking Lin Shiyun, Venerable Wuxiang suddenly put down his chopsticks and stood up, turned to look at Jiang Beiran and said, "Well, the food is done well, the deity likes it, but let's talk about business now."

Just as Jiang Beiran was about to answer, another voice rang behind him.

"I knew you old ghost must have found out, why, want to eat alone?"

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