The Glory Of The Godfather Chapter 1122

Chapter 993: An Instant Hell An Instant Heaven

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The first half of the game ended with a score of one to one.

Yaya Toure scored the first goal for Manchester City, and Aston Villa quickly tied the score with Lewandowski assisted by Ibrahimovic.

In the subsequent games, although Manchester City were very passive, they managed to withstand the indiscriminate bombing of Aston Villa.

During the intermission, Kidd was very excited. The one-to-one match in the first half gave him a certain degree of confidence. He praised the performance of the Manchester City players and encouraged the players to continue to work hard in the second half to win the final championship. .

The Manchester City club general manager also appeared in the South locker room. On behalf of the club's big boss, he said that if the team can kill Aston Villa and win the FA Cup, the big boss will never be stingy with rewards.

This sentence is the most real.

So everyone knows how arrogant Chief Mansour is. The rewards the big boss said will definitely satisfy everyone.


After the start of the second half, Manchester City kicked off first.

Blue Moon took advantage of the opportunity to kick-off and attacked Aston Villa's goal, and the offensive became stronger and stronger.

This hit Aston Villa by surprise.

Fang Jue was also surprised. What happened to the Manchester City players? Have you taken phenolics?

In the fifty-sixth minute of the game, Manchester City played amazing offensive cooperation in the frontcourt.

After David Silva got rid of Modric and Kyle Walker's interception, he sent a reverse cross from the bottom.

Aguero stopped the ball at the top of the arc in the penalty area, but he swiped the football and the football flew into the penalty area.

Tevez rushed to football, with Senderos and Milner.

Then people saw Tevez fall in the penalty area.

The referee Kratenberg's whistle sounded immediately, he pointed to the penalty spot and showed Milner a yellow card.


All this happened so suddenly that Milner hadn't fully reacted yet, he heard the whistle, saw Kratenberg pointing to the penalty spot, and also pointed at him, showing the yellow card, he was completely confused.

The fans of the two teams in the stands also broke out two completely different reactions after a moment of fuzzy.

The fans of Manchester City broke out with huge cheers and applauded the referee's observing the details.

Deafening boos erupted from the stands where Aston Villa fans were.

"Penalty! Kratenberg pointed to the penalty spot, and he showed Milner a yellow card. Let's see what happened?"

"Tevez fell in the penalty area. Kratenberg believed that Milner had committed a foul on him. A penalty kick was added and a yellow card was given. Aston Villa suffered a blow."

"He's numb!!!" Fang Jue couldn't restrain the anger in his heart, and shouted, "Is this a penalty?! Is this guy's eyes blocked by shit, or is he blind?"

The fourth official flicked his ears, caught the unfriendly message, and walked towards him immediately.

After Fang Jue scolded someone, he knew it was bad. He felt guilty when he saw the fourth official who came by.

It was too late to say, then soon, Ceballos suddenly jumped out.

He pointed to the fourth officials nose and shouted, "This is a penalty, this is a penalty? Are you sure this is a penalty? Blind people dare not say that! No, no, no, this is because there is a problem with the brain. ball!"

"Please pay attention to your words!"

"What am I paying attention to? That **** referee awarded a non-existent penalty, he is going to ruin our game!" Ceballos drooled.

"I want to call the referee."

"You scream! You scream! You scream!"

The fourth official wiped the drool from his face and immediately called the referee to stop the mad dog.

The referee was surrounded by Aston Villa players in the Aston Villa penalty area. Aston Villa captain Clement negotiated with him on behalf of the team and protested the penalty. .

At this time, Kratenberg heard the call of the fourth official and immediately trot all the way to the sidelines.

The fourth official covered his mouth and pointed to Ceballos and said something.

Ceballos didn't constrain at all, and pointed to Kratenberg's nose, "You are blind, is this a penalty?"

Fang Jue hurried up to stop his assistant from going crazy.

No eggs are used.

Then Ceballos was sent to the stands by the referee Kratenberg.

Ceballos snorted coldly and walked to the stands with a fearless gesture.

Fang Jue let out a long sigh of relief as he watched Clattenberg walk back into the court.

Ceballos intercepted and killed halfway and successfully attracted the attention of the fourth official, only to escape.


The commentators are all expressing their opinions on the penalty kick.

The slow-motion playback showed that Milner did not have that kind of obvious foul. The only contact between him and Tevez was that when both of them were chasing the football, Tevez hit Milners ankle while running. Right foot, and then fell into the penalty area.

Regarding the penalty kick, some commentators think it should not be. Milners attention is on the ball. There is no subjective foul hospital. Moreover, this kind of unintentional light contact cannot cause Tevez to fall to the ground instantly. Degree, so penalty kicks do not exist.

There are also commentators who think that a penalty kick is okay. Their view is that Milner did meet Tevez, whether it was intentional or unintentional. Anyway, it happened and caused Tevez to fall. The facts are there. Penalties can be judged.

John Mortensens point of view is that in this situation, the referee will not award a penalty in most cases, but if a penalty is awarded, there is nothing to say.

In a word, the penalty can be judged or not, depending on the mood of the referee.

The protests and appeals of Aston Villa's players are of no use. The referee Kratenberg's attitude is very firm:

The penalty for penalty kicks cannot be changed.


"Penalty! This is a good opportunity for Manchester City to overtake the score. Tevez personally came to take the penalty he created."

Aston Villas goalkeeper Ter Stegen pointed to Tevez, and he complained to the referee that Tevez did not place the football on the penalty spot.

The referee Clattenberg is ready to blow his whistle.

After receiving this complaint, he had to go forward and check again, and signaled Tevez to move the football a few centimeters to the outside.

Tevez pointed to Ter Stegen to complain. He thought Ter Stegen was deliberate and deliberately interfered with his preparation and rhythm.

Tevez's complaint was useless.

Just as the factual basis of his referee's penalty for this penalty kick, Tevez did steal the football and moved the football a few centimeters forward. This is true, and Ter Stegen's complaint is justified.

In desperation, Tevez placed the football again, then returned to the back of the football, stepped back, and was ready to shoot the penalty again.

Finally, Kratenberg exited the restricted area, looked at the two of them, and saw that both of them stopped making moths, and he blew the whistle in his mouth.

Tevez heard the whistle and started to run.


Two steps!

Three steps!


Ter Stegen lunged to his right.

Tevez also shot to this side.

He stretched his arms hard, hoping that he could pounce on the football.

He felt his outstretched finger touch the football slightly.

"bumped into!"

Ter Stegen was overjoyed.

Then he was disappointed to see the football continue to fly. His touch was not enough to completely change the trend of football flying towards the goal.

Still not able to pounce out?

Then Ter Stegen heard the sound of nature!


The football hit the outside of the post and flew to the sideline.


"Pounced out!"

"Ter Stegen! He has done something! He pounced on the football, which changed the direction of the football, and finally the football was blocked by the post!" The Birmingham commentator exclaimed excitedly.

"Unbelievable! Tevez didn't score a penalty!" Manchester's commentator shouted in disappointment.

Tevez was holding his head, he couldn't believe his eyes, his penalty was thrown out?

At this time, huge cheers rang out.

When Tevez turned around, he saw his teammates chasing back in embarrassment. This was the Aston Villa counterattack!

The football was blocked by the post just now and flew to the sideline and bottom line.

Aston Villa's players rushed to the front of the football first. This was Nesta. He did not let the football go out of the baseline, but directly drove the football to the frontcourt with a big foot.

"A chance to fight back!" This was what Nesta called when he kicked the football forward.

Nesta was observing when the Manchester Citymen were preparing to take the penalty kick. He noticed that the Manchester Citymen seemed to be very excited because of the penalty kick. Almost all of their players passed halftime and waited to cheer and celebrate. A goal was scored.

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Nesta immediately realized that as long as Ter Stegen was able to save the football, and did not form a dead ball.

In this case, successfully kicking the football to the front is an excellent opportunity to counterattack!

When Nesta had this idea, he glanced at Ibrahimovic.

There was no verbal communication between the two old partners, but Ibrahimovic understood Nesta's intentions.

Then Ibrahimovic withdrew, he found Mane and muttered, covering his mouth.

At present, Aston Villa's players on the field, Mane is the fastest and the best choice for counterattack.


"Counter-attack! Counter-attack! This is Aston Villa's counter-attack! Manchester City did not score a penalty, and Aston Villa's counter-attack came!"

The football was relieved by Nesta.

At the time, people thought it was a relief, and then they saw Ibrahimovic grab possession of the ball from Nasri in the midfield. Then Ibrahimovic half-turned and didn't look forward. , Shook the ankle directly and sent the football out!

Mane is already sprinting. He has received the football and is dribbling the ball at high speed.

The Manchester City players are desperately returning to defense and chasing Mane.

"Come on, Sadio!" The Aston Villa fans at the scene were excited, saved the opponent's penalty, and immediately counterattacked on their side, which was so handsome!

The Chinese fans and Aston Villa fans in front of the TV also shouted loudly: Come on!

At the time of the penalty kick, Manchester City's interim coach Kidd was so excited that he felt that he was the happiest person in the world.

Then, the penalty was missed.

Aston Villa fought back.

Kidd was dumbfounded.

At this moment, he rushed to the sidelines, shouting happily, commanding the players to deploy.

The Manchester City players were really too relaxed just now, they were all waiting for the penalty kick to celebrate.

In the Manchester City half, only central defender Kompany and Nastasic defenders, and then goalkeeper Joe Hart.

Kidd now can only hope that Kompany and Nastasic can stop Mane.

Fang Jue was also excited. He stood on the sidelines with his hands in his trouser pockets, leaning forward slightly, staring at the Manchester City team halftime.

"Mane is dribbling the ball. Nastasic is in front of him. Kompany stays at the top of the arc to form the last line of defense."

"This is a smart choice. Kompany is so experienced. It is wise for him to stay at the end."

While the narrator spoke, Nastasic was passed by Mane.

A change in the speed of Mane's high-speed dribbling and a trowel at the same time passed Nastasic.

Kompany was ready immediately.

Everyone thought that Mane would continue to dribble the ball forward, would choose to pass Kompany, and then face the goalkeeper.

There is no problem with this kind of prediction. Generally speaking, many forwards will make such a choice in this situation. After all, it is the safest choice to choose to shoot as close to the goal as possible.

However, no one thought that Mane did not even want to meet Kompany.

He just passed Nastasic, UU reading www.uukanshu.com made a little adjustment, and suddenly he lifted his foot.

Is this going to shoot?

Kompany was shocked.

He wants to go up and block the shot.

However, it was too late.

Kompany could only watch the football rise from the ground, cross an arc, and fly straight to the goal behind him.

He can only pin his last hope on Joe Hart.

Kompany, who turned his head and looked in the direction of the goal, saw the football go straight to the goal. Joe Hart opened his arms and made a save action. Then, the football passed between Joe Harts hands, fell, and hung in. The net.

The goal is scored!



"Mane! Mane! Sadio Mane! It's incredible. Mane made a world wave. This is so beautiful! Two to one, Aston Villa exceeded the score!"

"Too dramatic! Too dramatic! Manchester City's penalty kick was missed by Carlos Tevez, but Aston Villa hit a quick counterattack. Ibrahimovic assisted Mane and played a wonderful world. Bo, it was supposed to be a two-to-one lead for Manchester City, but it instantly became a two-to-one lead for Aston Villa!"

"This is football, this is football, this is the charm of football. In just one minute, the situation has changed drastically. It's crazy. This is the charm of football!" Zhan Jun, the commentator of New Wave Sports shouted Said, "Ter Stegen has done something, Nesta has done something, and Ibrahimovic's assist is a magical touch. Mane's final shot choice was beyond everyone's expectations. Maybe Mane felt that he had entered the penalty area. Long shots and long shots from outside the penalty zone are more threatening to Joe Hart?!"

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