Food Wars: The Golden Hands Chapter 228

Food Wars: The Golden Hands Volume 1 Chapter 231 - Act

Later, After Xi Zhao ran off the library, Alexander dragged Veronica to his room to speak to her.

"Well...I hope you don't have any naughty ideas here." Veronica said as Alexander closed the door after them.

"Take a seat," Alexander said as he walked to the table and poured a cup of water for her.

"Thank you." She sat down and looked around the room, it was a little bit messy. But tolerable, considering he just moved in. "Then, what is it that you want to talk about?" She asked.

Alexander sat in front of her "Well, i will go straight to the point, i was wondering if you could use your skills of cosplay and try to imitate me?"

Veronica frowned in confusion "Okay, that is a weird question..." She said.

"Of course, I am not here asking for favors, I will pay you with hard cash." Alexander pulled out a check and passed it to Veronica "Will this be enough?" He asked.

Veronica's eyes widened as her mouth opened and closed like a fish "T-T-Two million?!!" She shouted in disbelieve. "Do you even have this amount of money?" She asked in suspicion.

"I am rich, you know," Alexander said.

"Ehm!" Veronica calmed herself down and then turned serious "But why?" She asked, her eyes sharp like an eagle looking for any hint of deception.

"Must you know?" Alexander tilted his head.

"Yeah, i have to know, i mean, is it for a prank, maybe a fetish of yours, I don't know, i just want to make sure of what i am doing."

Alexander's eyes twitched 'Fetish?' he thought. But he had to focus on the task at hand "I have to do something outside the school grounds but I also have to maintain presence here, Seeing your skills, it will be easy if you just cosplay like me while you called sick in for school. You can even not participate in any activity if you want, do what you like, I will also keep a few of my men on you to protect you from being exposed."

"Your men?" You mean like the guys that kept following us for the past few hours?"

"Kind of." Alexander shrugged his shoulders"Now, do you accept?"

"Hmm~" Veronica put her hand on her chin and thought for a moment "I don't know, it kind of seems like a lot of work and it has a hint of it being dangerous, I don't know. And I don't like the feel of it, it doesn't seem like a good deal to me"

"Five Million dollars." Alexander raised his hand.

Immediately, Veronica did a high five to Alexander's raised hand "Deal!!" She said with a drunk smile on her face "Pay me now." She said.

"No, I can't just pay you, though, i will write a check that you can cache out immediately after i am done." He responded. Alexander retrieved the two million check he gave Veronica earlier.

'Tch, i hoped he forgot about that, why doesn't he have Alzheimer, all rich people should have Alzheimer!' Without him knowing, Alexander was being cursed like crazy by Veronica.

"Here you go." Alexander handed Veronica a red check decorated with gold markings and a very bright red cloud trademark.

'T-T-This check?!!' Veronica was surprised 'THIS CHECK LOOKS EXPENSIVE!!' For a moment, Veronica thought that the check may be worth more than the money it contains.

"Ok, now we have a deal, you start working now, we will go to your room, and you do your cosplay thing, you return here to my room with men guarding you, and I will take the chance and leave the school hiding myself, okay!" Alexander stood up as he explained his plan.

"Oki Doki!" Veronica said as she rubbed the check on her face with a loving expression.

And so, Alexander walked with Veronica to her room, he called his men to come closer, and between those men, Vlad was with them "Make sure she keeps the act going." Alexander spoke to Vlad while Veronica was in her room getting ready with her cosplay.

"I will do." Vlad nodded.

"Also, did you spot the ones who are keeping an eye on us?"

Vlad pushed his glasses back and smiled "It was easy to do so, There are 2 Janitors that roam the school cleaning around the areas you are in, 1 teacher, the ones in the morning period, And finally the group that is called the Little Tigers."

"Alright, i except that they won't come closer to me, so i believe she won't get exposed." Alexander smirked "Meanwhile, i will have to go and visit some "new friends" in the area."

"I am done!" Veronica's voice sounded from inside the room, signaling for Alexander to enter.

"Whoa!" Vlad, for once in his life was truly amazed. The "girl" in front of him now was terrifyingly similar to Alexander.

"Your skills are unmatched!" Alexander praised. "Alright, then we will start the plan." He said, "Vlad, take her to my room, and make sure she is okay, and as a little service, give her whatever she wants, except money of course."

"Yay! I am gonna take that offer!" Veronica cheered while Vlad shook his head 'I can see that i will suffer a lot.' he thought.

And without any further delay, Veronica, the now Alexander walked back to his room. And as they were passing by the boys dormitory, two guys who were keeping watch looked at each other and nodded "He has returned, report back." One of them said.

Meanwhile, Alexander was already out of the school ground, it took a bit of time, but he was out and already in his uncle's car followed by 12 other cars with armed men.

"Let us start playing, we will strike little by little, go to the nearest bases of the White Tigers," Alexander ordered.

"You got it, Axy!" Alfie hit the gas and speed up.

By the next sunrise. News of 5 business buildings under the management of the White Tiger corporation has caught fire, and many dead bodies were found scattered around the buildings.

News outlets have spread the event throughout the country.

And if course, the man who owns those buildings must have heard that as well.

And to say he was angry us an understatement "FUUUCK!!" Tai Lung screamed his throat out tye next day at the news channels

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