I Can Read Unlimited Files Chapter 635

Chapter 633: Disneyland

The family drove to Disneyland and began to find a place to park. I have to say that the publicity of this place is really good. There is already a huge crowd on the first day of the new year, and the door is crowded.

Many people came to realize that they could no longer buy tickets at this time. Only some scalpers were selling tickets at the door.

This time, Liu Huaxing also forcibly brought his grandma over. Although the old man was not interested, it would be good not to come and experience the scenery.

"Hey, there are so many people." Liu Huaxing couldn't help sighing, carefully drove the car through the crowd, parked the car in the parking lot, Yang Xiaoxiao hugged Liu Yuxi, and the family got off the car. Up.

From here, the entire Disneyland is a Disney castle. Hao Qian excitedly grabbed his arm and smiled: "Hey, brother! This castle is exactly the same as the one we saw on the Disney cartoon head!"

"Yes, yeah." Liu Huaxing smiled helplessly, "Who is the kid?"

"Yuxi is also very happy, right?" Lu Jing shook Liu Yuxi in her arms and smiled.

At this moment, Liu Yuxi opened his mouth and looked at this beautiful castle in a daze.

"Well, little princess, I will take you in to see your castle later." Liu Huaxing touched her little head and smiled.

"Sir, can you ask for a ticket?" a wretched man immediately came up and asked. Liu Huaxing raised a dozen tickets in his hand to show the other party, and asked, "Can you ask for a ticket?"

The other party left in surprise, and Liu Huaxing came down to the venue with the envy of his family and those around him. At this moment, the venue was already crowded, and it felt as if half of the people from Beichang City had arrived.

But I have to say that opening the door at this time is not a wise choice. Because the winter in Beichang City is too cold, the cold wind blows on the face like a knife when playing with roller coasters.

However, Disneyland is not only limited to roller coasters, but also has many entertainment facilities suitable for all ages.

"There were more projects in Happy Valley that I went to with Xingxing than here." Yang Xiaoxiao smiled with Liu Huaxing's arm, "What else is there, Fengwu Jiutian, pirate ship, jumping machine, etc. . The stars dont like to play."

"Disneyland is mainly a theme park, which is different from that kind of amusement park." Liu Huaxing explained, "It is mainly a park developed on the theme of many Disney animations that we have seen, and the amusement facilities inside are also based on the theme. To build."

Yang Chengzhi flipped through the introduction poster and said: "There are six theme parks here, Mickey Street, Fantasy Garden, Booty Bay, Future World and Dream Forest. Let's go and see one by one?"

"It seems a bit scary in this dream forest. Thunder Mountain is drifting..." Wang Mei frowned and said, "There are also Tyrannosaurus rex, which is terrible. Our Yuxi is so small that it is not suitable for this kind of play. game."

"But there are forest trails of Taishan Mountain in this dream forest." Yang Xiaoxiao pointed to the introduction on the poster and said.

"Oh, let's go in anyway, the first theme park at the entrance is Mickey Street." Hao Qian said excitedly.

So everyone first came to Mickey Street and looked around. Liu Huaxing hugged Liu Yuxi and explained to the little baby the people she saw on the road. Liu Yuxi didnt actually know those people, but her childs nature made her be so cute. Something attracts. At this time, a team of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck cosers passed by them.

Probably seeing Liu Yuxi in Liu Huaxing's arms is too cute, that Donald Duck came up and gave her a candy.

"Xiao Mitao, what should I say at this time?" Liu Huaxing bowed his head and kissed Liu Yuxi's forehead and smiled.

Liu Yuxi blinked beautiful eyes and looked at Donald Duck in front of him, pursing his lips and smiling: "Thank you..."

Donald Duck couldn't speak, so he posed a pose to her to express his happiness, and then left with the other coser while waving his hand. The parents discussed the decoration of this place and couldn't help but sigh.

In fact, this place is quite beautiful even for the older generation who dont understand Disneys culture, full of exotic flavors. For those of them who grew up watching Disney animation, here is like crossing into the second dimension, which is really interesting.

"Unfortunately, our little peach is too young now." Liu Huaxing hugged Liu Yuxi with a smile, "When you are a little older in the future, I have seen Snow White and The Little Mermaid. You will definitely be happier again here."

Now Liu Yuxi will follow them to watch the animation, but she doesn't know that she can't read it. However, some places are really amazing even for adults like them.

For example, the theme park "Future World", which is similar to those high-speed motorcycles in the creation of war.

Liu Huaxing also went to experience with Yang Xiaoxiao and Hao Qian. Running at high speed in the illusory space formed by colorful lights and projection technology, he felt as if he had really come to the future world.

It is impossible to experience all the amusement facilities here in one day. They can only choose some interesting experiences. Moreover, each theme park has its own special theme restaurant. For example, there is a pirate bar in "Sinbad's Legend of the Seven Seas" in Booty Bay, and "Duck Tavern in Enchanted Romance" in the Dream Forest.

At noon, the family dine in a restaurant with a forest background on the theme of Tarzan.

And what is playing in the restaurant is the theme song from "The Ape Taishan", which is the song Liu Huaxing often hums to Liu Yuxi. The little baby was also a little sleepy to hear, and his beautiful eyes couldn't open. Liu Huaxing gently shook Liu Yuxi in his arms, and smiled: "Xiao Mi Tao? Are you sleepy?"

"Hey..." Liu Yuxi snorted, turned around in his arms, and buried his face on his chest.

"Oh, this kid hasn't eaten yet." Liu Xuebin frowned, "has the banana taro mashed for her not served yet? Waiter!"

"Oh, keep your voice down, you scared the child." Lu Jing couldn't help but scolded.

At this time, the bear boy at the table next door made a very sharp roar probably because he was dissatisfied with something. Not only in the entire store, but the harsh sound could even be heard by people in the entire theme park. At that time, Liu Yuxi was shivering and woke up, hummed twice, and cried in Liu Huaxing's arms.

"Oh, don't cry or cry..." Liu Huaxing shook Liu Yuxi in his arms, then rubbed Liu Yuxi's nose lightly with his nose, and the little baby looked at him with tears, his pitiful look. I see pity.

Liu Huaxing stretched out her index finger to help her wipe the tears that fell on her cheeks and smiled: "Don't cry? Dad is here, dont be afraid of anything. Have you heard this song? Is it the song Dad often sings for you? "

Liu Yuxi narrowed his mouth and turned to look at the portrait of Xiao Taishan on the theme restaurant. Liu Huaxing rubbed her little face and smiled: "Okay, don't you be afraid? Dad will feed you something, okay? Have dinner."

"Hmm..." Liu Yuxi buried his face on his shoulders, and responded timidly.

But this time the child at the table next door was still dissatisfied and screamed angrily.

"Can you take care of your children! Do you know what public places are?!" Yang Xiaoxiao was angry at the time.

"Hey, how do you talk, isn't the child ignorant?" The child's mother frowned.

"If the child is not sensible, do you know how to be sensible?" Liu Huaxing retorted in an annoyed manner, "You don't care if the child is ignorant. What do you want parents to do?! You can do it, or I can help you discipline it?"

"Fuck, do you look down on people!?" At this time, the bear kid's father stood up and walked over to them. He was about 1.8 meters tall, and he was a hunk. Liu Huaxing handed Liu Yuxi to Yang Xiaoxiao's arms to greet him.

The other party came forward and stretched out his hand to pull Liu Huaxings collar, but when they faced each other, the two of them were staggered. The next moment he was pressed by Liu Huaxing on the table, his hands were twisted and he couldnt move behind him, causing great pain. Shout.

"Sure enough, every kind of child has a kind of father, and the father owes it to discipline. This child, or should I help you discipline it?" Liu Huaxing sneered, and glanced at the bear child at the next table. The bear kid shivered with fright now, and hid behind his mother.

You must know that although he hasn't been fighting for many years, his skills in his youth are still there. And since Liu Yuxi was born, he has been working out. Although he is not at the level of a fitness coach, he is still relatively strong.

At that time, when the restaurant staff saw something bad, they hurried up to mediate, and Liu Huaxing let him go.

"I want to call the police to catch you!" The father clutched his shoulders in anger, and Liu Huaxing sneered: "Okay, who is afraid of whom. You are the first to do it. Even if you call the police, I am a legitimate defense. Everyone here can give I testify."

At this moment, the people around couldn't stand it anymore, and they reprimanded: "No matter how you teach your own children, you still have to be rough with others! What do you think!" "Yes! You deserve to be beaten!" "Children are not sensible, and adults are not sensible. Even if a person disturbs the people in the whole restaurant, he is righteous and shameless?" "What role model has been set for a child, just as a father, it is no wonder that this kind of child is taught... "

Seeing that the public opinion is not toward him, the family can only leave the theme restaurant in surprise.

"So, parents must discipline their children." Liu Xuebin folded his arms and frowned: "Otherwise, it's like this, the child is pointed to the nose and said that he has no education."

"Our family probably used to be like this." Yang Chengzhi looked at Wang Mei with lingering fear and sighed.

"Tsk!" Yang Xiao chuckled his mouth violently, "I haven't done anything like this without quality."

Liu Huaxing cleared his throat awkwardly, and took Liu Yuxi over. At this moment, the little beauty stopped crying. She was licking banana and taro mash, looking at him innocently, her beautiful big eyes gleaming. Very cute.

"Is it delicious? Little peach?" Liu Huaxing rubbed her little cheek with her index finger, and Liu Yuxi nodded.

"Husband, you haven't done anything for so many years, but you haven't regressed." Yang Xiaoxiao teased beside him.

"You can solve all problems with your hands when you are a student, but in adult society, money can be used to solve problems." Liu Huaxing explained, taking a spoonful of banana taro mash and feeding it to Liu Yuxi's mouth, "Come on, Xiao Mi Peach, and then Eat some."

Liu Yuxi slowly opened her mouth, ate the mashed banana and taro, and tapped her mouth slowly.

Compared with that bear kid, Liu Yuxi in their family is as good as a little fairy. The child is not too noisy, and very sensible. Of course, there is no way when they are just born. Children express their needs through crying.

After spending a day in the Disney Park, they drove home around four in the afternoon. Although there will be night shows after this, there will also be fireworks and coser parades in the evening, but the family has no patience.

Liu Huaxing thinks that everyone is not enjoying it very much today. The key is that the parents are not interested in this, and Liu Yuxi is not sensible. However, Liu Huaxing still thinks Disneyland is quite interesting. Today, I will treat it as a step-by-step. When Liu Yuxi gets older, and Yang Xiaoxiao will bring her over, the three of them should have fun here.

Today's parents' fun is mainly taking pictures, and took many lovely photos of Liu Yuxi.

When I got home, it was already 6 o'clock in the evening, and the family didn't want to cook. On the way home, I brought some food out of the late rice to take home to eat. I didn't have to clean up after eating.

"Husband, where is Yuxi?" After entering the house, Yang Xiaoxiao looked at Liu Yuxi in his arms and asked.

"Sleep." Liu Huaxing sighed and touched the little baby's head. "This child is still too young. It is a bit reluctant for her to come out and play for a day. Let her sleep for a while, I'll be with her first. Accompany her in the room. Come and change with me when you finish eating."

"Yeah." Yang Xiaoxiao nodded, and then went to dinner with the family, while Liu Huaxing returned to the room holding Liu Yuxi.

Put the baby on the crib, Liu Huaxing covered her with a quilt. Liu Yuxi woke up at this moment, and immediately reached out and grabbed his fingers. Liu Huaxing kissed her on the forehead: "Don't be afraid, Dad is here and won't leave."

With that, Liu Huaxing sat down on the edge of the crib and shook the crib gently. But Liu Yuxi stretched out his hand from the side of the bed and grabbed his fingers, and then went back to sleep with peace of mind.

Liu Huaxing looked at Liu Yuxi's sweet sleeping face and imagined the child growing up. Presumably in two or three years, she will grow into a little fairy.

After a while, the door was pushed open again, and Yang Xiaoxiao smiled: "My husband, I'm here."

With that, Yang Xiaoxiao handed over the lunch box in her hand: "I brought you the meal, right?"

"Well, stay with your mothers." Liu Huaxing smiled and touched Yang Xiaoxiao's head, but only then did he realize that Liu Yuxi was still holding his finger, and Liu Huaxing couldn't get a hand at all.

"This kid, just like a little girl, can't sleep if I don't hold it." Liu Huaxing teased, and Yang Xiaoxiao pursed his lips: "Why is my daughter then? Come, let me feed you? Ah? "

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