I Can Read Unlimited Files Chapter 634

Chapter 632: Father Daughter Time

Before Dong Yue and Liu Chang's wedding, Liu Huaxing and Yang Xiaoxiao decided to celebrate their Spring Festival first. This year's Spring Festival is a bit special, because a newly built Disneyland in their city is about to open this year, and it will be on the first day of the new year. This Disneyland has also done enough advertising, deliberately choosing to open on New Year's Day to attract popularity.

You know, there are only three Disney parks in the country in this era, and they are the fourth here. At this moment, the popularity can be imagined, and it is hard to find a ticket. Liu Huaxing also specially commissioned Mao Xiaoyicai to get him a few tickets, and he planned to take the whole family to play on the first day of the new year.

On the morning of New Year's Eve, the family began to prepare for the New Year. As usual, a large family ate New Year's dinner together.

"To be honest, it is really convenient to have a friend like Mao Xiaoyi." Liu Huaxing watched Yang Xiaoxiao and Hao Qian help Liu Yuxi to comb her hair, and couldn't help but sigh, "No matter where he needs his help, he can help."

Mao Xiaoyi's greatest ability is probably his contacts. This person is related to too many circles, from e-sports, entertainment, live broadcast, and business circles. He also relied on operating these contacts to get to this day, as if Liu Huaxing is also his friend. He helped Liu Huaxing with this favor today, and Liu Huaxing will return him next time.

It's also a skill to run your own contacts well to get benefits for yourself.

"I should thank him." Yang Xiaoxiao pursed his lips and smiled, "We have to wait in line by ourselves. I don't know when we will go. Those scalper tickets are too expensive. You know, I asked yesterday in our former high school group. After a while, four hundred yuan a ticket was fired up to five thousand, and it was sold out of stock, which is terrible."

"If you don't get it, then you can only buy a scalper ticket." Hao Qian chose the clothes for Liu Yuxi to wear after the shower and laughed, "Anyway, isn't your husband making money to deal with this situation? Used to solve problems for people."

"Anyway, let your dad take us to have fun this time." Yang Xiaoxiao smiled, and then gave Liu Huaxing a sour look, "I have been with him for so many years, and he has never taken me there. Disneyland. It still has to take up my daughters light to go..."

"You have no conscience when you say this. I used to take you to Happy Valley in Nanhua City. Did you forget what happened? Didn't you say that I didn't like going to the amusement park and I didn't take you there later?" Liu Huaxing poked lightly Poke Yang Xiaoxiao's slender waist and did not have a good air.

Yang Xiaoxiao bit her lower lip and smiled: "Remember, I brought all the rogue rabbits you got me with."

"Okay, let's take a shower. After the shower, the Chinese New Year will be clean." Liu Huaxing touched her head.

After Yang Xiaoxiao showered Liu Yuxi, Liu Huaxing wiped her clean and prepared to put on him a new festive dress. Because the little girl wasn't very honest when she took a bath, she didn't dry her corners, so he left the mess to clean up.

When Liu Huaxing wiped the water between her toes, the little baby sat in front of him and giggled.

"Itching? Xiao Mitao is ticklish?" Liu Huaxing helped her wipe her toes and smiled. Liu Yuxi smiled and lay down on the sofa, pulled her feet back and hugged her with her small hands, and squinted at him. Zhile.

"Naughty...come here." Liu Huaxing smiled and waved his hand. Liu Yuxi bit his lower lip and shook his head with a smile, "Hey, don't."

"Hurry up, come here. But dad here is going to tickle you?" Liu Huaxing squinted at her with a smile, Liu Yuxi pursed her mouth and smiled, looking at him carefully, as if to be wary of his sudden action. But Liu Huaxing reached out abruptly and hugged her waist, and she scratched under her arm: "Huh? Didn't you listen to Dad?! Dad is angry now!"

Liu Yuxi let out a burst of cheerful laughter and rolled around in Liu Huaxing, avoiding his hand.

"Bad dad!" Liu Yuxi said with a smile, shrank into a ball in his arms, with clear eyes.

In a trance, Liu Huaxing seemed to see a mini version of Yang Xiaoxiao. He smiled, bowed his head and kissed the tip of Liu Yuxis nose, and said with a smile: "Okay, come and clean your little feet. Wipe clean and go to dinner. Oh? Are we Xiao Yuxi hungry? You are obedient, and Dad will make you pumpkin pie."

"Okay~" Liu Yuxi said with a smile, and sat down in his arms.

Liu Huaxing helped her wipe her feet clean, then wiped her hands, then her ears, and finally blew her hair.

"Okay, sit down? Dad will help you blow your hair." Liu Huaxing exhorted, Liu Yuxi happily swayed her calf and responded, sitting obediently in front of the mirror, looking at him with a smile from the mirror, it was really cute sweet.

"This child..." Liu Huaxing couldn't help sighing, "I'm less than two years old, just like a little beauty."

Liu Yuxi didn't have the fleshy face of ordinary babies, but her pointed chin had already begun to highlight her, coupled with the delicate features, her big beautiful eyes seemed to speak. Moreover, Liu Yuxi is probably because her family spoils her too much, so she seldom cries. She is a child who likes to laugh very much. She laughs very beautifully. She is really a little fairy.

"Since kindergarten, we have to attract those **** brats." Liu Huaxing blew her hair to Liu Yuxi and exclaimed, "We Yuxi must not be tempted by those little bunnies? We can only like my father alone. ."

"Like Dad!" Liu Yuxi smiled brilliantly, his little nose wrinkled.

"Hey, good." Liu Huaxing kissed Liu Yuxi's head. At this moment, Yang Xiaoxiao wiping her hair passing by, whispered "your perverted father" in a low voice. Liu Huaxing turned her head and slapped her **** with a slap. Yang Xiaoxiao was slapped slightly, rubbing her **** and complained: "Be lighter...slap so hard."

The family washed it cleanly, and then came to the table to prepare for the New Year meal. This years New Years Eve dinner is no different from previous years. Parents and grandma of the two families came here to have the New Years Eve dinner together. However, there seems to be a topic on the table this year.

"Now the country has also opened up second children. When are you two going to have second children?" Yang Chengzhi asked.

"We didn't plan to have a second child." Liu Huaxing touched Yang Xiaoxiao's little head and said.

"Why don't you plan to have it? It's not that the family can't afford it." Yang Chengzhi frowned, "You make so much money, it would be a shame not to have a second child."

"It's better to have a second child." Lu Jing said seriously, "The only child is too lonely, and the house is deserted. Look at you now, there are only two children in the house, you and Xiaoxiao, and there are no relatives to leave. "

"I want another one." Grandma said with a grin. "Just have another son and both children."

"Really, I'm a second son. In this family, there are both old and young, cats and dogs, perfect." Hao Qian held his hands and looked happy.

"Hurry up and give birth while you are still young." Liu Xuebin frowned. "You two are only twenty-six and seven. It is best to have a baby before the age of thirty. After thirty, I want to have another baby. The child is at risk and belongs to the elderly mothers."

"Hmm..." Liu Huaxing perfunctorily, stroking Yang Xiaoxiao's braids. But he didn't plan to have any more children in his heart. It was too hard for Yang Xiaoxiao to have a baby. Ten months was also difficult for him. At least seven months two people couldn't make each other. However, it is not good to reason with his parents, so he is perfunctory on the surface, but refuses in his heart.

Anyway, Yang Xiaoxiao is also on the birth control ring now, it is very difficult to get pregnant.

Of course, after putting on the birth control ring, it is not 100% safe. There is a very low chance of getting pregnant, about a 5% chance. If you are pregnant with such a low probability, it can only be said that it is Gods will, so just give birth.

But Liu Huaxing actually didn't expect that he was the only one in this family who didn't want a second child. The parents and grandma in the family are nothing more than that, even Yang Xiaoxiao himself meant to have a second child.

"I actually want to have another one too. It would be great if I could have a son." Yang Xiaoxiao whispered in his ear while watching the Spring Festival Gala.

"Do you want to have a baby too? But having a baby is so hard, and I feel distressed..." Liu Huaxing frowned and asked.

"The second child will be much better than the first child, but it's really hard work. After pregnancy, you can't make love to my star..." Yang Xiaoxiao sighed softly, "And the recovery of postpartum figure is also very troublesome... "

"So, let's just do it." Liu Huaxing said, stroking her hair, and then looked at Liu Yuxi who was asleep leaning against him, "What's more, Yuxi is still young and not sensible. We have to focus on her now, and I still have some work-related matters to deal with. If I have a second child..."

"Oh, that's true." Yang Xiaoxiao said in thought, "I should wait for Yuxi to be bigger."

With the sound of the familiar "Unforgettable Tonight", the lights of fireworks flashed outside, colorful, and also woke up Liu Yuxi, who was sleeping soundly in Liu Huaxing's arms. The little girl stared at the fireworks outside.

Liu Huaxing seemed to see the sea of stars in this little girl's beautiful eyes, so he reached out and tapped the tip of her nose gently. The little baby looked up at him and laughed, and then kissed his chin.

"Well, Dad will take you back to your room to sleep. After you sleep, I will go to the amusement park tomorrow." Liu Huaxing hugged her and laughed.

"I want to sleep with Dad..." Liu Yuxi said, clutching his arm, Liu Huaxing gently squeezed her face, "Dad has been with Xiao Mitao for the whole night, now I want to accompany my mother. You sleep obediently, Go to the amusement park tomorrow? Do you know what an amusement park is? Dad showed it to you on TV? It's a beautiful and interesting place. Xiao Mitao will definitely like it."

"Ah..." Liu Yuxi squatted on his shoulder, then Liu Huaxing hugged her back to her room, put her on her crib, covered her with a quilt, and exhorted: "Okay. , Asleep?"

"I peeed today..." Liu Yuxi smiled proudly while blinking her beautiful eyes. Liu Huaxing was stunned, then clicked a little on her little nose, and smiled: "Oh, that's so great? My Mitao is getting smarter."

"Hehe..." Liu Yuxi buried the lower half of her face in the quilt with a little shyness. Liu Huaxing lowered her head and kissed her on the forehead: "Okay, behave? Go to bed early, tomorrow my father will take you out to play. "

"Hey! Don't go..." Liu Yuxi grabbed his hand, blinked and looked at him carefully.

"This kid, why are you so clingy today?" Liu Huaxing smiled and sat down beside her bed, while using her mobile phone to send a message to Yang Xiaoxiao to let her rest first, and then sitting next to Liu Yuxi while using her mobile phone to give Friends around me sent some blessings. He didn't have many friends, so it was done quickly.

"Aren't you sleepy?" Liu Huaxing looked at Liu Yuxi in the crib and smiled.

Liu Yuxi turned over and turned to him, kicking on the bed while reaching out and grabbing his hand.

"Oh, this kid has been sleeping while watching the Spring Festival Gala...now he is in good spirits." Liu Huaxing sighed a little helplessly. The little baby's hand is so small that it can hold his index finger, but this behavior seems to make Liu Yuxi feels particularly safe.

After all, parents are the world of children. Liu Huaxing thought to himself, in fact, this child has never stuck to him as much as today. She basically stuck to her mother and him. Probably because of the interaction when helping her to wipe her feet during the day, the relationship between this child and him has become much closer. The child is really a simple animal. If you treat her well, she will kiss you.

"Xiaomitao." Liu Huaxing smiled and shook her little hand, Liu Yuxi looked at him with his head tilted.

Liu Huaxing hummed the song "Youll-be-in-my-heart". When Liu Yuxi was a child, he often hummed this song to make her sleep, and it was usually very effective. Sure enough, he just grunted for a while, and Liu Yuxi's eyes couldn't open a bit.

She yawned like a kitten, watched him blink, and then fell asleep slowly. Liu Huaxing continued to hum for a while to confirm that she was asleep, and then leaned in to kiss her on the cheek, felt her soft cheek on her cheek, carefully closed the door and returned to the room.

At this moment, Yang Xiaoxiao sat by the bed and sent a message to Wang Jue and the others to celebrate the Spring Festival.

"Little ancestor has finally fallen asleep?" Yang Xiaoxiao asked curiously.

Liu Huaxing smiled and nodded: "Do you think she is very sticky to me lately? Especially sticky."

"Yeah. This girl has become more and more able to talk recently. She is only one and a half years old. Although she stutters, she can talk to her externally." Yang Xiaoxiao smiled a little, Liu Hua Xing teased: "Because family members talk to her a lot, everyone surrounds her, chats with her all day long and teaches her to speak..."

"Well, let's go to sleep too? I'm a little sleepy. You have been going for so long..." Yang Xiaoxiao said with a yawn.

"Occasionally, we have to give our father and daughter some time alone." Liu Huaxing said with a smile.

"No, you are my husband, mine, mine!" Yang Xiaoxiao said coquettishly, and lay down with his arms around him.

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