Mokuton Authority Chapter 251

Volume 6: Bleached Soul Chapter 251 Soul: A New Sharkespective.

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"Thanks to my partial ascension I sort of broken space and ended up breaching the barrier between universes, ultimately entering on a world of space crack that sent me to the Douluo Dalu World."(Aizen).

"Arriving there and noticing what I had achieved, and knowing how to reach the second state of being in the Buddhism the bodhisattva I went into a training montage until I completed it and became a bodhisattva."(Aizen).

"After that Allessa arrived and we went exploring around until we found a destroyed village where we rescued a little girl that would later become our adopted daughter."(Aizen).

"F.u.c.k! you manage to become a father before me."(Rick).

"I don't see why that is a problem?"(Aizen).

"We had a bet going on between us on who was going to have kids first. No one thought it would be you... "(Gwen).

"Understandable. Let's finally finish this history, it's starting to take simply too much time. After adopting the little girl called Zu Ling we just made a wooden house in the middle of nowhere and started living there."(Aizen).

"During the years I and Allessa were living there we both awakened to the power system of that world, acc.u.mulated and became stronger and stronger, bit by bit."(Aizen).

"And when Zu Ling was years old we went to the city and did a bunch of things there until she was finally 12 meaning we could send her to the Shrek academy."(Aizen).

"After Zu Ling joined the academy we also joined as teachers, meaning I now had a bunch of brats to teach-"(Aizen).

"Please, do send my condolences to them. As someone who has survived your training regimen, I can truly feel pity for those poor kids."(Rick).

"*cough* after that a lot of things happened, the kids got stronger, a tournament arc happened, and after that was the time skip arc. To finalize my teaches there was a grand testing event where after that the kids went on a journey to find their own paths to godhood."(Aizen).


"Yup, that Douluo Dalu universe has a pretty convenient and straightforward way toward Godhood. So I and Allessa of course capitalized on that."(Aizen).

"Wait... so you have become Gods?"(Gwen).

"Yup. We were able to awaken our divine seeds and everything."(Aizen).

"Sorry for the doubt, but you don't exactly look like Gods right now. Strong people? Yes. But that obnoxious Divine Aura is missing."(Rick).

"I can understand your skepticism. So I installed some [Primordial Runes] matrixes just with this special occasion in mind."(Aizen).

With a snap of my fingers, I suddenly was with my Godly appearance, shining golden and everything. This could potentially blind my friends, but thankfully I was able to suppress it in time. It was literally just enough for them to take a peak.

"Wow... Just Wow."(Rick).

"Sorry m8, I don't think I would be playing wow anytime soon."(Aizen).

Looking at their confused face I discovered something truly pitiful, sadly Rick and Gwen were unable to catch this joke, meaning only Alessa understood it. At least it earned me a slight smile from her.

"*Sigh* Who do you think saved the souls of the three of you? I was also the one who sent them to this universe."(Aizen).

There was a momentary silence, it was like Rick and Gwen were thinking about something important. The two almost like they were thinking the same thing asked me with a low voice:

"...did you kill the Lich?"(Rick/Gwen).

"Yes. I also purified the whole of your birth universe, right now it has become a Holy Universe. I also sent the souls of everyone the Lich captured towards the cycle of reincarnation with my blessing, so you can rest assured about them."(Aizen).

The two seem to visibly radiate some relief from this news. It was like a huge weight has been lifted from their shoulders. The war against the Lich was pretty intense, so the news of him dying was something they can truly feel relieved about.

"Thank you."(Gwen/Rick).

"Don't worry, that is the minimum I should do to help my friends."(Aizen).

They nodded in appreciation, and for a moment silence returned to the dining room. Rick seems to be nibbling on a cookie, and Gwen seems to be more interested in the tea. And seeing as they were relatively comfortable I decided to ask something.

"How strong did you two get?"(Aizen).

"Hmmm... I was able to reach the rank of Archangel with a lot of training."(Gwen).

"Unfortunately I wasn't able to reach the rank of Archdemon, meaning that Gwen is stronger than me. When we died I was pretty close to it, but unfortunately, the Lich was too strong."(Rick).

"That is good news to both of you. It means that your souls are pretty strong. And don't worry about your lack of knowledge about this world, the academy covers the majority of it, here you will most certainly learn a lot, so be sure to pay attention to classes."(Aizen).


"Ahh, and this world also has an Underworld(Hell) in it. but don't mistake it with the one from your previous world, Hell here is pretty different."(Azien).

"Do they have heaven here too?"(Gwen).

"Not that I know of."(Aizen).

"Hmmm... I guess the Soul King Palace can be considered the closest thing to that."(Allessa).

"Yeah, but they don't take the souls to some kind of eternal paradise."(Aizen).

"*Sigh* Let's change topics for a bit. How are you liking soul society?"(Aizen).

"Well... It's nice I guess? It is way better than the constant war situation we had going on in our previous world."(Rick).

"I agree... This place feels like a nice vacation resort when you compare it to our previous situation."(Gwen).

"I am glad you two are liking it. But do be aware, there were some powerful people in this world, you ought to not underestimate them."(Aizen).

"I know, I know... I am still weaker than Gwen too."(Rick).

"Yeah, she is already an Archangel, and you still didn't become an Archdevil. But don't worry, here you will be able to make a lot of soul searching, principally when it comes to your Zanpakutou spirit, I am sure you will be able to improve."(Aizen).

"*Sigh* Let's talk about other things, everything is becoming simply too serious right now."(Rick).

"Sure go ahead."(Aizen)

"Have I ever told you about one of the biggest rivalities between Angels and Devils?"(Rick).

"Their opposing energies? Different beliefs? The bloody conflict?"(Aizen).

"Nope, none of the above. One of our biggest conflicts comes from the fact that devils and demons love to break the 4th wall, while angels do everything to protect it. It also said that an angel only truly falls when he/she breaks the 4th wall. Hehe, you do remember how Gwen got pissed in the last chapter- "(Rick).

"Did I just hear someone trying to break the 4th wall?"(Gwen).

"Sorry, sorry. I didn't mean to-"(Rick).




After that, we continued talking some more. We talked about different things and different memories feeling the nostalgia wash over us, those were simpler times, but I wouldn't change anything. I am a very happy man, and I intend to continue this way.

Soon it was getting late so Gwen and Rick decided it was time to go back and sleep for a bit. Right now we are at the door, and both the angel and the devil were saying their goodbyes. Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #._52038821885298815 for visiting.

"Thanks for the dinner friend, everything was delicious."(Rick).

"It was also nice seeing a friend again we all missed you Aizen."(Gwen).

"Yeah, and don't forget to talk with Elsa she took your disappearance the worst, she is someone who is very emotional."(Rick).

"No Problem, I was already planning to talk with her tomorrow morning."(Aizen).

"Good. But before I go, I am curious about something. How come they didn't freak out with Elsa's appearance, this world didn't exactly have that many different species."(Rick).

"Don't worry. They have an Anthropomorphic Dog as a captain, Elsa's shark features are kind of tame in comparison. Yeah, she will probably et some stares, but nothing she isn't already used to."(Aizen).

" I am just worried about it... what if it became some kind of problem?"(Gwen).

"Don't worry, you have my word that no problems will appear."(Aizen).

"Good. I believe in you."(Gwen).

After that, both Gwen and Rick returned to their bedroom. I closed the door and looked at Allessa.

"So what do you think?"(Aizen).

"I think you should at least talk with her for a bit... The girl deserves it."(Allessa).

I nodded at allessa and took a step outside immediately teleporting close to Elsa. Elsa right now was in one of the training halls of the academy, she was feverously punching the air, probably training her punches or something. Seeing as she didn't detect me, which is not surprising as I am very healthy, I decided to announce my presence.


Elsa jumped in fright and surprise at the sudden voice, action on almost reflex alone she jumped and spun in the air immediately aiming a punch to my face. Huh, nice reflexes Shark girl. But she immediately stopped her punch midway when she saw my face, her face paled almost like she has seen a ghost, which might as be true since from her perspective I was dead. Her face quickly morphed and changed with a multitude of complicated emotions, and with a lot of effort, she was able to open her mind and ask me weakly.

"... Is that really you Aizen?... What happened?"(Elsa).

"Well... I was lost in the road of life, you know?"(Aizen).

"*Sigh* At least your sense of humor didn't get any worse."(Elsa).

"Sorry for the mess that I caused. But it was rather nice of you three volunteering for cleaning duty."(Aizen).

"What do you mean?"(Elsa).

"Guess I also owe you some explanations... So everything started when I decided to murder some demigods-"(Aizen).

Then I retold everything that happened to Elsa. Like what happened with Rick and Gwen her face keep changing different expressions while I told my history, it went from worry to concerned, amazed, impressed, excited, and a lot of things more.

And like rick and Gwen she pretty impressed with the fact that I became a God. For her, that is something extremely difficult to wrap her head around. But when I finished my history, she hugged me tightly and said.

"Thank god. I really missed you friend."(Elsa).

"Heh, don't worry. I will try to not make that much of a mess when I got to another world."(Aizen).

"Hah, if the Holy Universe fiasco is any indication you better forget it... So... See you tomorrow in class?"(Elsa).

"Of course, I am just a simple, humble student."(Aizen).

I could see Elsa left eye twitching at my last affirmation like she is pissed and wanted to laugh at the same time. But she decided to just go with the flow.

"If you are just a humble student, I am just some stupid shark."(Elsa).

"Well... If you say so..."(Aizen).

"Bastard, you did that on purpose."(Elsa).

After saying my piece I immediately started to run Elsa chasing after me like she is some kind of angry chicken. From Allessa that was looking at it from an outside perspective, this looked like two trigger-happy children playing a game of tag.

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