Mokuton Authority Chapter 250

Volume 6: Bleached Soul Chapter 250 Soul: Talking With Friends.

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"You know... I think I will just ignore it, at least my mental health will be in less danger."(Rick).


"Wise choice."(Allessa).

With that, I got up from my laying position and approach our guests. My face spots a slight smile giving a friendly and approachable vibe. Rick and Gwen looked at me strangely for a moment, it as if they were trying to piece something together with their brainpower alone. Suddenly rick finally snaps his finger and says.

"Yo Aizen... You look a lot like that captain fella... What was his name again? I seem to have forgotten..."(Rick).

"Yeah, he definitely looks like that captain that greeted us the other day... Ah, I remember his name it was Sosuke something..."(Gwen). Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #._52031769548999674 for visiting.

I could clear their doubts and explain everything in a clear and concise manner, but why the hell would I kill my fun so early. So I simply decided to change subjects.

"Sorry m8, never say the guy in person. So I don't know who you are talking about."(Aizen).

Technically not a lie, I never saw Aizen S. in person. I did indeed know him from the anime and the manga and possibly my [clairvoyance] but I truly never saw him in person.

"So he is not that important... must be a side character or something."(Rick).

Can I laugh out loud? Did this guy seriously say Aizen is not important to Bleach's history? I guess the only reason I just didn't burst out laughing right now is because I am more speechless and amused than anything else.

Butt here was something else, I was able to see in Gwen's face a savage and dangerous glint. She smiled slightly towards rick and said:

"Honey... Remember what I said about breaking the fourth wall?"(Gwen).

"That I shouldn't do it."(Rick).

"And what did you just do?"(Gwen).

"I scratched the fourth wall?"(Rick).

Allessa quickly realized that this kind of exchange was going to take a while, so instead of letting the couple start their bickering about the fourth wall, she interrupted them.

"Let us enter. The food is done already so we can start eating and talking in a more comfortable environment."(Allessa).

"Sure, let's go."(Rick).

"Yeah. I am dying to know what Aizen has been doing all this time..."(Gwen).

The couple entered mine and Allessa's flat. Yeah, calling it a room right now is a bit of a long stretch, so I am going to call what it really has become; a flat.

Coming to the dining room Gwen and Rick saw a low table, around the low table were four beautiful crafted Japanese-styled rugs. Seeing the rugs were probably where they should sit, they immediately went to it. A silent conversation occurred between Gwen and Rick, probably deciding how they should sit in these rugs, but they finally decided in the traditional Seiza position. I and Allessa did the same sitting on the other side of the table in the traditional seiza position.

Right now I and Allessa are also wearing the typical Shuhakusho, the same as Rick and Gwen. This gave the environment quite the traditional air. And as most like it is his duty to break such cool traditional air rick spoke

"Wow... this... It feels more like a cushy pillow than a wooden ground."(Rick)

"Yeah, I and Allessa enchanted it to give maximum comfort. It won't do to get our knee sore you know?"(Aizen).

"You, get your knee sore? what is next? you being sent... flying... by... a... measly... punch... Okay, I will stop."(Rick).

"Glad to hear that."(Gwen).

There was a momentary silence, it was like a suddenly awkward atmosphere permeated the entire dining room. I know what they want to ask, but I also know that they don't know how to go about it. Allessa sensing the atmosphere quickly plummeting decided to interrupt it and save everyone's mood yet again. With a wave of her hand, the table was suddenly full of food.

Meat, fish, Salmon, Sardines, Rice, cheese, eggs, and the best of all Ramen. Yes, I managed to initiate Allessa into the Ramen cult, after tasting the one in the cafeteria she quite liked it, and I don't doubt it became one of her favorite foods from now on. I always liked Ramen quite a bit, not on Kushina's level, but I did indeed liked Ramen, I guess it's the Senju blood in me huh.

Talking about Senju blood I couldn't help but look at my Anbu Tattoo for a moment and reminiscent of the good old times. All this Japanese stuff is seriously giving me quite a bit of nostalgia from when I was in the Narutoverse.

And yes, I do indeed still have my Anbu tattoo, it didn't disappear in all these years. Normally I wouldn't care that much about a simple tattoo, but this one has quite a bit of sentimental value to me. I am glad I have it to this day.

Rick and Gwen were quite impressed with the food. It smelled and looked absolutely delicious, and as someone who already tried, I can indeed say it was incredible. Picking the Hashis everyone started eating hungrily.

Rick between gulps of food decided to ask something.

"Shouldn't we say 'Itadakimasu' or something?"(Rick).

"It a what?"(Aizen).

"Yeet my balls! Hah, got him."(Rick).

"Holy Shit, he got me on that one."(Aizen).

"*Sigh* I don't why he does things like that. "(Gwen).

"Don't worry, if I get pissed I just have to break his legs."(Aizen).

"Ah. Aizen and his breaking legs habits. He didn't change in the slightest did he?"(Rick)

"Well, yes. But actually, no."(Allessa).

"I don't know why, but that answer kind of suits Aizen the best."(Gwen).

Everyone continued eating, the food was quickly consumed and everyone was showing satisfied and fulfilled expressions on their faces. To drink allessa summoned simple soda with ice cubes, it quite suited the things we are eating right now so everyone loved it.

After everyone has finished eating Allessa made some tea with cookies as a dessert. The cookies were simple but divine, I absolutely loved it.

Looking at Rick's expression I can finally see his emotional control slipping a bit when he asked in a low voice.

"What happened?"(Rick).

"*Sigh* Guess it's time to tell you two about my blunder. "(Aizen).

"Go on."(Gwen).

"Well, after the tournament I decided to investigate those demigods, and since I had already quite a bit of animosity against their pantheon I ended up killing them."(Aizen).

"Well... Shit. Now I know why Zeus was so pissed, a petty guy like him would never-"(Rick).

"Let him finish Rick."(Gwen).

"But close to the place where I finished the Demigods, I found a trap door..."(Aizen).

"Oh no!"(Gwen).

"Being the curious bastard that I am, I went to investigate it. The place was strange and full of [Fuinjutsu] inscriptions."(Aizen).

"What is [Fuinjutsu]?"(Rick).

"*Sigh* [Fuinjutsu] is a type of sealing technique created by ninjas to seal a multitude of things. It's one of the most flexible techniques I ever had the pleasure of learning. Incredible useful stuff. And the place under the trapdoor was filled to the brim with it, it was a matrix so complex of seals that the me from that time barely understood it, I knew it was sealing something extremely powerful. But my curiosity got the better of me in the end and I continued until I ended up in a strange place."(Aizen).

"Strange Place?"(Rick).

"Yes, a shithole of a place. It huge plains until my eyes couldn't see the end, and when I looked behind me I saw a strange door. the moment I laid my eyes on that door I knew how important it was and that I needed to defend it with everything I've got."(Aizen).

"Defend it from what?"(Gwen).

"Skeletons. Those f.u.c.k.i.n.g shitty skeletons."(Aizen).

Reviving those memories made my control slip slightly, which was enough to make the whole room shake in fear of barely a sliver of my presence. Thankful, I reinforced everything with [Primordial Runes] so nothing really happened besides scaring Gwen and Rick shitless.

"I had to spend more than half of my current lifetime there only fighting skeletons nonstop. It was years, decades, centuries, millennia... I tried to make the most out of it, using every second to continue advancing and training to improve myself. But I still dislike that place."(Aizen).

"How old are you right now?"(Rick).

"Around 3000 or something, I honestly stopped counting, to be honest."(Aizen).


"... How was it? All that time constantly fighting?"(Rick).

"It was at the best and worst time of my life respectively. I could easily test and try a bunch of new techniques and moves I tough off, but I didn't have time to rest, nor I could use any [Jutsu]."(Aizen).

"What do you mean?"(Rick).

"I mean that I could only use my chakra internally. So I had to mostly kill all skeletons with [Taijutsu]."(Aizen).

"Well that gotta have to suck."(Rick).

"It wasn't all that bad. That gave me the opportunity to finally specialize and excel into my preferred combat style."(Aizen).

"Which is?"(Rick).

"Close combat and my physique. Not that I neglected other factors, but I can say with confidence that my body is my strongest weapon right now. I have absurd strength, defense, agility, and the best and most impressive of all is my Stamina. If I don't want to stop, I won't stop."(Aizen).

"And I always thought your elements were the scariest part about you... I can't seem to even fathom how overpowered you must be in a close combat fight."(Rick).

"Hah, that is because you don't know about [Yin-Yang Release] yet."(Allessa).

"What is that?"(Gwen).

"Whatever you can imagine."(Aizen).

"No, seriously. What is [Yin-Yang Release]?"(Aizen).

"I am being serious here. It can literally do whatever you can imagine, no matter how absurd you think it is. As long as you can imagine it, it can happen."(Aizen).

"What the actual f.u.c.k dude. That is beyond being overpowered, that is basically cheating. You-"(Rick).

"Stop. We Kind of got off-topic here. Please continue telling us what happened Aizen."(Gwen).

"Ok sure. After fighting for a very long time against skeletons, I got very very good. But it also had an extremely positive effect on my soul and mind, thus I was able to ascend to one of the four states of being in the Buddhism."(Aizen).

Rick and Gwen almost spit all the tea they have been drinking. Allessa just smiled enjoying the funny reactions of the couple. With a surprised voice, they both asked.

"The overpowered person said what now?"(Gwen/Rick).

"I got very good at close combat?"(Aizen).

"No the other one."(Gwen/Rick).

"Very positive effects on my mind and soul?"(Aizen).

"NO, THE OTHER ONE."(Gwen/Rick).

"Honey, I think they are talking about the Buddhist thing."(Allessa)

"Ah yes, that. I kind of ascended to one of the four states of being in the Buddhism?"(Aizen).

"YEAS THAT. How the heck did it happen? Isn't that supposed to take decades of constant meditation, and years following the Buddhist ways?"(Gwen/Rick).

"Well. I did indeed spent almost a millennia following the Buddhist ways? I didn't eat, I didn't touch any material thing, all I did was fight against the 'Evil' skeletons, so I guess it sort of happened?"(Aizen).

"Of course, that wasn't everything. I am sure the fact that you are a Sage also played a huge hole in that."(Allessa).


"You are also a sage?"(Aizen).

"Yeah, had [Sage Body] since chapter 8."(Aizen).


Wow, Gwen almost screeched that one out loud. Guess Angels don't like when people break the fourth wall, huh.

"You know what? I give up. If I try to understand you I will end up losing my sanity. Please continue."(Rick).

"A wise choice."(Allessa/Aizen).

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