I Found An Apocalyptic World Chapter 1287

Chapter 1287: Ring 3

Chapter 1287 Third Ring

A series of task reminders are so pleasing to the ears at this moment.

After working hard for a day, I finally got results.

This is the logo of the Mysterious People Organization. What image is this?

Liu Mingyu carefully looked at the image in front of him. It seemed to be a person's head. He didn't find out who this person was.

It may be the leader of the other party's organization, or it may be the object of worship of the other party's organization.

But anyway, the second ring task was finally completed.

Liu Mingyu opened the smart bracelet and saved the avatar.

Then open the task interface to view the third ring task.

Task name: Tracking the mysterious man (third ring.)

Mission description: Congratulations on finding the logo of the mysterious organization, which means you are one step closer to the mysterious organization, but this is far from enough. You must find the mysterious organization as quickly as possible, otherwise there will be bad consequences.

Your inquiry was not detailed enough. The mysterious organization fled in a hurry and left a key clue in West Lake. Please find it as soon as possible.

Mission requirements: key clues 0/1

Mission rewards: One God level draw, 300,000 points.

Where is this mysterious organization sacred?

Judging from the description of the mission, it does not seem to be a zombie, but a survivor.

If it was a survivor, Liu Mingyu didn't mean to be an enemy of him.

In this world, there are not many human beings, and there is one less death if one is dead.

If there is no conflict of interest, he will not specifically trouble the other party.

Just like the original Sioux City settlement, if he wants to, let alone that there are hundreds of thousands of Sioux City settlements.

If Liu Mingyu wanted to kill him, no amount of it would stop him.

Therefore, if there is no conflict of interest between the two parties, Liu Mingyu does not mind letting them fend for themselves.

But from the description of the mission, if he is allowed to continue to exist in this way, it seems that sooner or later he will threaten him.

Just like this time, I don't know what method the other party used, causing the funeral in Hangzhou to riot.

If the Star Base was still the former Jiahang settlement, it would not be able to resist the violent zombies.

When the number of zombies reaches a certain level, not to mention violent zombies, I am afraid that even ordinary zombies can not be resisted by the original Jiahang settlement.

Whether it is from the perspective of the mission or from the perspective of its own security, it seems necessary to understand the relevant situation of the other party's organization.

Then decide whether to fight or kill.

I checked the mission description carefully, and I didn't expect that I had already searched everything within 1km of West Lake, but I didn't expect that there were still omissions.

When the opponent fled in a hurry, what clues were left behind?

Liu Mingyu thought hard, but did not think of any clues.

Liu Mingyu recalled what Wan Youliang had said to him, to see which place was more likely to be missed by him.

Suddenly, Liu Mingyu thought of a place, which was the center of the explosion.

Logically speaking, I had searched there just now, and there was nothing but a piece of scorched earth.

But he seems to have missed one thing, and that is the underground. It is very possible that the other party has hidden something underground.

Thinking of this, Liu Mingyu immediately greeted the three of them and went to the center of West Lake.

Soon, the four came to the center of the explosion.

Even after a day, you can still smell the burnt smell.

Liu Mingyu walked away, and after a while, he came back again.

Summon the three people again, and give them the shovel.

"Excavate all the soil here." Liu Mingyu said loudly.

Unfortunately, there was no time to find an excavator due to time constraints, but only a few shovels.

Fortunately, the soil here is scorched, making it relatively easy to dig.

Moreover, the four were not ordinary people. With their powerful digging, the bottom of the lake descended at a speed visible to the naked eye.

\\Mi \\mi reading \\\\!

Suddenly, Li Zongfei shouted loudly, "Boss, I found a suspicious object here."

Liu Mingyu quickly put down the shovel and ran over.

Under Li Zongfei's shovel, a machine with the logo of a mysterious organization was dug out.

Liu Mingyu is overjoyed. This should be what the mysterious organization left behind.

"Quickly dig it out." Liu Mingyu quickly ordered.

The two quickly dig the soil around the digger, and after a while, they finally dug out the equipment.

This is a cube with a length, width and height of about 1m. The cube is green all over, with a portrait printed on the top.

This avatar is clearer than the avatar on the energy harvester just now and can be seen more clearly.

Liu Mingyu asked, "Do you know who this person is?"

He didn't know it himself, but Li Zongfei was from this world, and he might be a little impressed.

He looked at Li Zongfei expectantly, but Li Zongfei shook his head at him: "I'm sorry, boss, I don't know this person."

The other two people also ran over, and after a glance, they also shook their heads.

Liu Mingyu was greatly disappointed. It seemed impossible to learn about the mysterious organization from this profile picture.

No, maybe it's possible. The three of them dont know. It doesnt mean that others dont know ~wuxiaworld.online~ For example, Feiyun, this intermediate artificial intelligence with the entire library materials, can also control the entire world. Network resources serve him.

Perhaps the answer can be found in Feiyun.

But before that, we must continue to investigate.

This cube is related to the mysterious organization, but it is not the last clue left.

"You continue to dig to see if there is anything else."

Since the mission did not show completion, it means that there are still things left by the mysterious organization in this place.

Sure enough, after a while, a similar cube was found in the direction where Wan Youliang was.

The color of this cube is different from the previous one. The color of the cube dug out by Wan Youliang is red.

The top face is still the head of the mysterious man.

Otherwise, there is no difference between the two.

After a while, Liu Yuanyuan dug out the same cube, which was blue.

Three cubes have been found, but the task is still not displayed.

This shows that there are more cubes in this place that have not been excavated.

The place is so big, even if you dig three feet, you have to dig them out.

With the cooperation of the four people, two more cubes were dug soon.

One of the two cubes is golden and the other is brown.

When the five cubes were found, a series of system prompts followed.

"Congratulations on finding important clues left by the mysterious organization."

"Congratulations, you have completed tracking the mysterious man (third ring)."

"Congratulations on your winning a god-level lucky draw."

"Congratulations on earning 300,000 points."

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