I Found An Apocalyptic World Chapter 1286

Chapter 1286: Ring 2

Chapter 1286 Second Ring

If it were not for the system prompt, Liu Mingyu would treat it as a piece of ordinary glass shards.

He looked carefully at the shards in his hand, no matter from which angle he looked, they were almost the same as ordinary glass shards.

Energy harvester?

Is this the culprit responsible for this explosion?

Literally, the energy harvester should collect energy.

This should be the instrument used by the mysterious group.

What is the energy harvested for?

Liu Mingyu didn't know.

In any case, the task is finally completed.

"No more searching."

Liu Mingyu stopped their search mission.

Since it was a serial mission, Liu Mingyu quickly looked at the follow-up mission.

Task name: Tracking mysterious people.

Mission description: Congratulations, you have searched for the trace of the mysterious person. The zombie riot in Hangzhou is not accidental. On the edge of the West Lake, search for the clues left by the mysterious person and continue to track the mysterious person. "The second ring of the current mission."

Task requirements: clue 0/1

Task reward: once God level draw, 200,000 points.

The second ring mission appeared, searching for traces left by the opponent rushing away.

In other words, some useful information may be hidden here.

"The three of you continue to search." Liu Mingyu ordered.

Although I don't know why Liu Mingyu told them to stop for a while, then he asked them to continue searching?

But without saying anything, Wan Youliang immediately went into search again.

Liu Mingyu suddenly remembered something, took out the fragments of the energy collector in his hand, and said: "You mainly see if there are any similar fragments around you."

Since there is one fragment that can survive, it means that more energy harvester fragments remain. Perhaps some useful clues can be found.

The three of them gathered around, looked at the fragments of the energy harvester in Liu Mingyu's hand, and nodded clearly.

Liu Mingyu also knew that it seemed a bit strange to find the glass shards with the glass shards, but he couldn't find any special place himself.

Only use the most stupid way to search slowly.

Fortunately, there are not many things showing glass shards, and it is faster to distinguish them.

In addition to the three people continuing to look for other glass fragments outside, Liu Mingyu also continued to identify the small pile of debris in front of him.

With previous experience, Liu Mingyu's identification speed is much faster.

But no matter how fast the speed is, the time soon came to night.

Although no other zombies came to this place for the time being, Liu Mingyu didn't plan to stay overnight here just in case.

He didn't want to stop searching, the earlier he searched, the more powerful evidence he could find.

I wonder if Wan Youliang and the others will continue to exist in this world after they leave?

Liu Mingyu found the three of them and said, "You continue to search, I will go back temporarily."

"Yes, boss!"

The three answered in unison.

Liu Mingyu looked around and walked away.

The moment Liu Mingyu left, Wan Youliang and the three also disappeared instantly.

real world.

Liu Mingyu looked at the three people around him helplessly. It seemed that his plan to keep them in the West Lake and continue searching for supplies fell through.

The reason why Wan Youliang was able to perform tasks beyond the scope of control before was because he was in the same world.

And when he returned to the real world, the link created by the summoning technique could not break the shackles of the world.

I have no choice but to wait until tomorrow morning before continuing to search.

After returning the three of them to the summoning space, Liu Mingyu went back to the house to rest after having dinner at home.

In the evening, Huang Yu came back with a look of surprise, some surprise Liu Mingyu will come back today.

Liu Mingyu briefly explained the situation there and fell asleep.

The next day.

Liu Mingyu got up early, so after eating some breakfast, he returned to the West Lake in the apocalyptic world again.

The three of Wan Youliang were summoned for the first time, and a new round of search began.

Liu Mingyu also hurryed to start the appraisal.

As the identification time passed, Liu Mingyu discovered more and more energy harvester fragments.

But this does not seem to be of much help in completing the task.


Wan Youliang ran over and asked, "Boss, the glass fragments within 1km of the nearby area have been collected. Do you want to expand the search range?"

Liu Mingyu glanced at the fragments of the energy harvester next to him, shook his head and said, "I don't need it for the time being. You try to assemble this small pile of fragments of the energy harvester."

Most of the energy harvester fragments we are looking for have been found.

Although I don't know how powerful the explosion was, judging from the scattered fragments of the energy harvester, most of them are located near the West Lake.

With West Lake as the center, the 1km radius basically includes energy harvester fragments.

Liu Mingyu has a feeling that perhaps after completing the assembly of the energy harvester, he may be able to find some useful clues.

Of course this is just a feeling, whether it is useful or not, I don't know yet.

But when there is no clue, sometimes the sixth sense may be more accurate.

The three of them looked at the pile of energy harvester fragments below their feet, helplessly. UU Reading www.uukanshu.com

There are no special marks on the energy harvester fragments.

They can't restore by marking, they can only try small pieces gradually.

There are at least a thousand pieces of energy harvester fragments here. It is definitely a test of effort to assemble such scattered energy harvesters.

Without saying a word, the three squatted directly on the ground and tried to assemble.

Liu Mingyu on the side also continued to identify the remaining glass fragments, hoping to find some useful information.

Three o'clock in the afternoon.

Liu Mingyu finally completed the identification of the remaining glass fragments.

Among the remaining glass fragments, only a few fragments of the energy harvester were found.

But these pieces of energy harvester fragments play a vital role.

Because the other glass is completely transparent, there is no mark at all.

But among these pieces of energy harvester fragments, Liu Mingyu was surprised to find that there seemed to be a pattern on them.

The four people started a new round of assembling with this pattern as a reference point.

There are patterns, and when assembled, the speed is much faster immediately.

Piece after piece, they were placed aside.

A figure immediately took shape in Liu Mingyu's eyes.

Although there are still some missing parts, it does not affect the overall image.

Liu Mingyu put the last piece of energy harvester fragments with patterns on it.

I received the system prompt immediately.

"Congratulations on finding the mysterious person logo."

"Congratulations on completing the second round of the mission to track the mysterious man."

"Congratulations on winning the mystery draw once."

"Congratulations on earning 200,000 points."

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