Yin Yang Pleasures Of Cultivation Chapter 167

Chapter 166: Dazzling Shows

"Fuuu~, truly flashy Darcy! If this was our previous cultivation only at the first layer link of True Soul Core, it simply would've been impossible for us to slaughter those beasts. But with only a fraction of your power, you put on a splendid show!"

Aniela was showering Darcel in praise, and she meant every word.

Indeed, back when they were first-layer link True Soul Core cultivators, they would have a hard time facing the peak late ranks of the Innate Core realm. Even if they were to use their bloodline states.

But now, not even at his full power, Darcel can crush early level Heavenly Transformation Spirit Monsters like bugs.

Masami smirked at Darcel, also telling him, "Hmph, Alright, I can give it up. You certainly met our expectations for a good show. Now then."

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