Yin Yang Pleasures Of Cultivation Chapter 165

Chapter 164: High Prowess Last Resort

"I'm sure you girls also saw those words as well. Even now, it's still inscribed in your mind, right?"

Darcel began to talk, gathering both Aniela and Masami's attention.

Their expression turned inquisitive as there were two words that immediately popped into their heads when he mentioned it.

Seeing their faces come to an understanding, Darcel smirked and continued on, "Like what you're two thinking, the most plausible reason for all these incredible changes is Chaotic Energy. It's evolving not just our bloodlines but our entire beings. Just look at Aniela and my bloodline arms Masami."

Darcel raised his bloodline arm to Masami, showcasing the beautiful black feathers blossoming from inside his arm.

"Ah! That's right, we sure did get a touch-up in appearance." Aniela as well raised her bloodline arm to Masami, putting her elegant-looking white feathers on her display.

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