Godly Choice System Chapter 3458

Chapter 3458: God Appeared

Smith swallowed, feeling that he had come to the end of the world.

There was no wind around, and even when he was walking, he didn't feel the air blowing over his cheeks. Although he was breathing, no air flowed into his lungs. The heart was still beating, but he had no pulse.

The same is true of Taohua Village.

The peach trees swayed by the wind in the daytime are quiet at this moment. The leaves don't know when to fall. It seems that after decades of time, it has not become corrupt, but has become a gray and corrupt appearance that has been eroded by the years.

What's even more amazing is that even the flowing river has solidified!


Li Yun squatted down, stretched out his hand, and fished a handful of water in the river, but an unprecedented phenomenon occurred: the river water flowed back again like mercury, without splashing the slightest splash.

The sky and the earth became extremely dim, and gradually even the surrounding trees lost their color.

Everything becomes black and white.

Only Xiaomei appeared on the only big tree that still had color, watching them quietly, without a trace of emotional fluctuation in her eyes.

"God, appeared."

Smith suddenly felt dry in his mouth and trembling all over.

He imagined the appearance of a thousand ancient gods, and the most imaginary is as described in the Bible, the Almighty Lord is brilliant, surrounded by countless angels behind him, both appearing cordial and majestic, inviolable and inviolable. Look straight.

Or like **** Satan, driving a hellfire carriage, emerging from the bottom of the earth, dyeing the world scarlet, countless **** demons clamoring and appearing.

But never expected that God appeared as a little girl.

When it appeared, the world was black and white, and only God still had color, which seemed to symbolize the only hope, the only light.

"God... I believe in you."

Smith, who used to vowed to not believe in God, now his legs are getting weaker and weaker. First, he knelt down on the ground as he prayed in church before, and worshiped in awe.


Li Yun didn't move. While alert, he looked at this little plum sitting on the peach blossom tree, but the world around him was black and white.

Yes, "God" appeared before them in the image of the villager Xiaomei that Li Yun had encountered before.

Xiaomei was a seven or eight-year-old girl before, and now the **** sitting on the peach tree is also like this, but her eyes are cold, no, it's not cold at all, just a kind of...light, indifferent, looking The look of something boring.

"Ding, the host makes a choice to find the most abnormal existence in this small world, rewards the supreme gift bag*1, and the other rewards: aura value + 1 million (the host does not find evidence, blindly

Li Yun: "..."

It's all about the sudden appearance of the dog* system, and even complained that he didn't do anything?

If it wasn't for your cheating system to say that there was an abnormality here, Li Yun would never look for it...

Ahem, it is indeed blind.


"Xiaomei" answered Li Yun's question lightly, and said to Smith: "Get up, poor mortal."

Smith was so agitated, and after kissing the ground, he stood up cautiously, with a fanatical expression, as if he had been brainwashed.

Li Yun felt baffled. Didn't Smith say that he didn't believe in God before?

Oh no, this guy wants to pursue power. Indeed, the power displayed by this Xiaomei God is worthy of worship by mortals!

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