I Am Really Not The Son Of Providence Chapter 194

Chapter 194: Golden Core Tenth Refinement Stage, Invincible In Eastern Wilderness

Big Dipper's bright stars shone above the Big Dipper Sacred Ground.

Big Dipper's Elders were gathered at the Sacred Leader Mountain's palace, where the Big Dipper Sacred Leader resided.

"What a shame!"

"You, a Saint, actually drove your chariot straight into another's array formation. Are you blind?"

"Hundreds of commoners died because of you, and the Divine Firmament Saint caught you red-handed!"

"Some people are spreading rumors, and more than half of Eastern Wilderness is aware of it. You brought shame to our sacred ground!"

"Chen Zhongtian, not only did you not fulfill the requirements of a Saint, but you have also repeatedly put us to shame. You don't deserve to be the Saint at all!"

"I concur! Chen Zhongtian had lost most of his cultivation and is no longer at Nascent Soul. He is not suitable to be the Saint anymore!"

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