I Am Really Not The Son Of Providence Chapter 193

Chapter 193: Follow Your Instincts, Theres Definitely a Fortuitous Opportunity!

As time passed by minutes and seconds, Shen Tian's face turned even redder while his body emitted extremely dense Qi Aura.

Finally, Shen Tian felt that it was time.

He gently gathered his sword aura and sliced his right wrist. Blood instantly splurged out and emitted the rich, pleasant scent of grass.

If there were demons in the surroundings, they might even mistake him for the flesh of Tripiaka1.

Since the Spirit Qi's quality in Shen Tian's blood was just too high-grade, even Supremacies and Perfected Ones would covet him.

Drops of fresh blood merged with the small red man.

Shen Tian activated the Blood God Sutra's mystic technique, and his blood rapidly fused with the small red man.

Shortly after, the small red man turned larger so swiftly that it was hardly visible to the naked eye. The aura it emitted rapidly grew stronger as well.

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