Rebirth Of The General’s Granddaughter Chapter 400

Chapter 233.1 Yu Lanxuan And Nee Chens Miserable Days

Chapter 233 Yu Lanxuan and Nee Chens Miserable Days

In addition, Yu Lanxuan and Zhao HongXiangs premarital affair was exposed. After thinking about it, whether it was Yu daren, Nee Chen, or Zhao HongXiang, they all felt that their reputations were lost.

Every day, someone would go into Yu Lanxuans Lanxiang Courtyard to scold her. Even Yu daren, who had always doted on her, was instigated by his wife Nee Lu to scold Yu Lanxuan. "My life has been ruined by you and your yiniang! Its really like mother, like daughter. Youre both so shameless. Why are you still alive? If I were you, Ill just kill myself!"

Nee Lu was also filled with hatred. Her Meilian lost her reputation and couldnt marry anyone. So, how could she be willing to let Yu Lanxuan marry well?

After Yu Meilian was reprimanded by the Emperor, she had left the social circles. Yu Lanxuan had relied on the fact that she was in the Empress camp to be arrogant in the fu and bully Nee Lu and Yu Meilian.

So, Nee Lu immediately went over to help him. "Shameless. Shameless. She doesnt even want her reputation, so what else would she care about? Shes still waiting for Duke Yongnan fu to send a big sedan chair with eight sedan bearers to bring her over and be a mistress of the household. Bah! Shes really shameless to the extreme."

Yu Lanxuan tasted the feeling of being worse off than dead after being scolded like this all day. So, she sent a letter to Zhao HongXiang to tell him to hurry up and marry her. She couldnt survive in her maiden family any longer.

When Zhao HongXiang received the letter, he tore it into pieces. He lied in bed and scolded, "Go to Hell! She wants me to marry her? I dont want such a shameless person as my wife."

After he thought about it, it was all her fault. She constantly talked about how bad You meimei was. In the end, such a good marriage was ruined.

The more he thought, the angrier he was. He immediately told a servant to call his mother Nee Chen over.

Her son had ignored her for a long time now. But now he asked someone to tell her to go over. Could it be that he had forgiven her? Nee Chen was happy and went over to Zhao HongXiangs courtyard.

She took one look and became uncomfortable. Her sons courtyard was very desolate. There were even a lot less servants. Since the Emperor had stripped her of her first-rank furen title, Duke Yongnan had let Nee Lu be in charge of the household and stripped Nee Chen of her household management rights.

Nee Chen didnt think this Nee Lu had gone so overboard. She was so harsh to her son. She didnt even clean up his courtyard. There were leaves everywhere. It felt sad and desolate with one glance.

"Xianger." Nee Chen called out her sonss name and walked inside. "That Second Yiniang is such a b*stard! Shes actually so harsh"

Before she finished speaking, she was hit on the head by a porcelain pillow that Zhao HongXiang had thrown at her. She shouted in pain and then felt a stream of blood flowing down her face

Nee Chen touched it. She immediately cried out, "Im bleeding. Im bleeding"

"You deserve it!" Zhao HongXiang turned his head with difficulty and cursed. "You should use your life to atone for your sins. If its not because of you, You meimei wouldnt have dissolved the engagement with me and I wouldnt have been beaten or lost my Shizi title. Its all your fault, you idiot. Get out of here! Scram"

Nee Chen never expected that her son would be so ruthless. She was dumbfounded at first. When Zhao HongXiang threw a medicine bowl over, Nee Chen covered her face. Tears and blood flowed as she ran out.

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